Unit 1 Summary

Unit 1 Summary

In the definition for Social Media Production it explains that the media created and online tools are used for varying degrees of collective action. This basically means that media is made with the intend use for it to spread to different platforms and appeal to the masses.

During this unit I’ve created three daily creates. I believe that they  are all somewhat connected. Daily creates all contribute towards techniques that media on Social media uses. The Vaguebooking looks towards clickbait and how titles attract attention making people want more. The extreme minimalism again attracts attention in the form of an image to accompany the title. Finally the speed daily create could refer to the limited time craters have to grab the attention of the user and how much of an impact is needed to be left in such a short time.


I’ve also recently been tweeting my daily creates, here are a few other Social Media accounts in which I’m on;


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