Classic DC “Five Card Flickr”

Five Card Flickr

For this classic daily create we are required to search in Flickr a tag and put together a story using 5 images!


Once upon a time where was a goat named billy who lived in the forest. It was a lovely day and he wanted an adventure!


Before he set off an Eagle came down from the cliffs and warned billy about a big cat that was roaming the forests and if he were to leave his home he should take care of not bumping into the cat.


Billy set off with the Eagles advice and kept weary of his surroundings. Eventually Billy came across a break in the tree line and found himself on a beach. Right in front of him were two great seals. They were heading back into the water but before they did, asked billy about their day. They explained quickly to billy about a big cat that was in the area and that he should move away quickly!


Not ten minutes later Billy ran into the big cat. The big cat did not look dangerous however but scared himself. The big cat explained to billy that although all the animals were running from himself there was a bigger danger and they should both leave immediately.


Back on the beach a few hundred meters away a man lay still. He stalked anything and everything that moved in front of him and invisible to creatures great and small due to his camouflage. He’d seen all of billy’s adventure and simply laughed to himself as an all manor of creatures were passing through his view finder all day. They had absolutely nothing to be scared of, but at least the photographers images were good.



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