TDC 2136 “What is your d106estiny?”


What is your d106estiny?

Numbers appear to be everywhere in our world and sometimes you can pick out certain number and our names cant help but notice repetition or patterns. Like in a sci-fi movie we instantly assume that there’s a reason we keep seeing the number 106 flashing up in our lives; On the bus stop, the price of a snack, the time stamp of when you got that  cold call. Surely it cant be a coincidence…. Can it?

In this daily create we were told to take a photo of the number 106 in our world however I’d made my image a little more interactive. The task is to yourself find the number 106 In the image. It was taken simply by using the panorama feature on the IPhone camera which entails Turing slowly on an axis whilst staying very still.

And no I can’t just give you the answer…..


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