Unit 3: Story analysis


Unit 3: Story analysis

Kurt Vonnegut uses lines and charts to analyze stories as if they were fed into a computer. The story is played out along an X and Y axis. In this case I have decided to analysis the well loved tale of goldilocks and the three bears and analyzing it against the happiness of our main lead against time.

The story starts out with our protagonist being quite sad out in the forest alone before finding the house. Once she finds the house her happiness obviously increases only for it to keep increasing when she finds the porridge and when she finds the bed. Unfortunately for her right at the end of our story, the bears come back to the house to find there food eaten and their beds slept in whilst goldilocks is still in the house. the bears scare her out of the house so she never comes back and her happiness is lower than it began with as she was awaken abruptly by three pretty angry bears and chased away.

This story differs from modern story’s when analyzed in this way. Most modern stories are actually complete reverse to this in that it starts out happy, gets worse and ends on a happy note where as this older story starts and ends sadly.


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