Movement Effect With Photography

The first assignment I have chosen is called in ds106 “Averaged Portrait” and in short basically consists of taking multiple photos of the same subject but in multiple positions with little movement. This makes a blurred effect as if the photo was taken with the subject moving when in reality it was multiple images taken with a stationary subject. An example for the desired outcome found online is located here and was used as inspiration before the media was created.

The Making of the Media

photo examplesFirstly multiple images were taken of a subject in different positions but with little movement between the shots. To differ slightly and to give more of an original feel to the media the subjects hands were also moving with the head to give more blurred effects. Objects and people were also moving in the background which contributed to this.

The images were then loaded into Photoshop and layered above one anotherCapture.PNG. From here each layer was then edited using the blending options and the opacity was reduced until the image below was visible. This was repeated until all the images could be seen giving a ghost looking blurred effect.finish.jpg#

To concluded

The final image shows the effect we were looking for perfectly. However rather than just the head moving the image also uses the subjects hands to give the impression of more frantic movement. This effect could have also been achieved using just the camera. by decreasing the shutter speed of the camera to around 1/2, it exposes the sensor for longer meaning it captures more movement of the subject. If more images were also taken using the same method, an animation could also be made creating a short video clip. This would take the effect to the next step and having a lot more impact as an effect.


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  1. […] Overall I feel like this assignment has gone well, I’ve shown photography and design skills by using my own assets and designing something that I could see being used as a postcard. I’ve used a range of skills and showed how those skills can be replicated. For skills relating to photography, however, I suggest checking out the photo assignment which can be found here. […]


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