Buzzfeed Quiz’s: School Social Groups

This assignment is from the Web unit of ds106 and the assignment is called “Buzzfeed Personality Quiz“. In this assignment, I had to design and create a Buzzfeed quiz with over 3 results and it had to have 6 questions. I decided for mine that I would take inspiration from the breakfast club and do one based on American Highschool stereotypes such as Jocks and Nerds. These quizzes work extraordinarily well when it comes to spreadable media as people often share their results online after they compleat the quiz and it makes their connections on Twitter and Facebook wonder what they’d be if they took the quiz.

How it was done

Screenshot_10These quizzes can be made quite easily on the Buzzfeed website. All it requires is that you have an account with them which is completely free to make. Once you start creating a new post you simply insert a quiz and you’re off to a flying start. The first thing to do is to fill out your final results. From the screenshot, you can see that I filled out mine using four different social groups; the nerds, the jocks, the Greasers and the Bullies. Each result has an image to go with it and a short description saying what it means.




Next, the questions were filled in with whatever suits your quiz. For example, in mine, I asked “How good were your grades” Each answer corresponds to a different social group and so at the end of the quiz, once all the questions are compleated it reveals what answers you sided with the most putting you in a category.




When I compleated my own quiz I was put into the category of the Nerds! but more importantly, it leads to quick-share links to post on my social media what I got overall in the quiz and it gives the people connected with me the chance to do it for themselves. My quiz can be found here!


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