Travel, Photography, and Design!

This assignment within ds106 looks towards the designing of a postcard of a destination. Untitled-2.jpgFor me this was great as before Christmas, I and my girlfriend went to Edinburgh for a short weekend city break. Whilst I was there I took many photos on my Nikon D3200 and got some great shots that could be used to design a postcard for a friend or relative. As you can see there are a few examples of my photos that were used in the design.


Design Process

Designing the postcard I feel was quite easy when it came down to it. I already had an understanding of what I wanted it to look like and I already had tScreenshot_1he images from the trip so there was little to no need to search online for any images. My plan was to also do the entirety of the design in Adobe Photoshop as it’s a program I feel I have a lot of skills in. Firstly the text was decided on. This consisted of what the text was going to look like and what it was going to say. screenshot_3-e1516375581840.pngThe second stage of the design was that the statue of the dog was selected out of its original photo and pasted into the design along with the text of the postcard. The dog photo was also feathered so that the edges of the image weren’t as sharp and using the blending options the image was also given a drop shadow. screenshot_5.pngThe design I had in mind for the postcard was to split it into four sections and have a photo dedicated to each section. To do this I first split up the postcard using simple rectangles and made a badge of sorts by masking an image of tartan inside a shape in the centre. The final step is to insert and crop down the images into position within the marked sections using a different photo for each. Untitled-1.jpg


Overall I feel like this assignment has gone well, I’ve shown photography and design skills by using my own assets and designing something that I could see being used as a postcard. I’ve used a range of skills and showed how those skills can be replicated. For skills relating to photography, however, I suggest checking out the photo assignment which can be found here.


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