Dan reacts to…


This assignment for ds106 was part of a video unit was called “DS106ers React!“. Not too recently there was a lot of controversy surrounding channels on youtube that were labelled as “React Channels” these channels were simply videos of people reacting to other videos. The reason they sparked up a lot of talks online was that there was a fine line on who owned the copyright of these videos. Most of the time these react videos would also include the original video. This was an issue as some reactors videos were getting big just from having the original video in the new video and that they often didn’t have permission to use the content. It also beings in the argument of online fair use of others content. However today I myself have created one of these videos which can be found here.

To film the video I used a software called OBS (Open Broadcast Software) to set up a scene which both captured my webcam and a firefox window containing the youtube video I wanted to watch. Screenshot_2The software was then set to record and it was as simple as that. Afterwards, the raw video was then imported into an editing software called Adobe Premiere Pro and was edited down to size. At one part of the video some inappropriate language was used and so it was edited out in post using the razor tool before being rendered out in full HD 1080p and uploaded to youtube freely for the world to see.


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