Hearing places…

This ds106 assignment was part of an audio unit and was called “Create a place“. The aim of the assignment was to use audio to paint a picture of a scene and put the listener there in the location. This assignment really shows the importance of audio in that it can be used to create a mental image with no physical image. Most of the time as well if there is a poor video with good audio the media is still usable, however, great visuals with terrible audio can sometimes become unwatchable. Here is a video which explains this further.


I decided to do my place located in the forest with the sound of elks and forest creatures in the background. I also incorporated some music with it to improve the quality of the audio and to ensure it doesn’t just sound like a bunch of sound effects stringed together. Below is a link to my SoundCloud with the audio track.

Firstly where I have differed from others who have done this assignment is the including Screenshot_11of some background music. This was the first thing to be added to the mix using Adobe Audition. The volume of the music is decreased at the end of the mix to give a fade-out effect as so the track doesn’t end suddenly. Secondly, a soScreenshot_1und of shaking trees was added to the mix. These sounds are used to immediately put the person in a forest as usually the first place you think of when you hear the wing going through trees would be a large forest. Again the fade effect has been used so that the sound effects don’t immediately happen and cut out, there is a slight build up giving a better effect. The same process was then done to the same with the other sUntitled-1.jpgound effects. A heartbeat sound, walking in grass and the call of an elk were all added to slowly build a minds image and a sort of story using only sound effects found online. Many of the assets were sourced from Freesounds and YouTube which are all royalty free meaning they can be used without needing to pay the original author.


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