The James Bond that never made it to Hollywood…

This unit was about mashups and the assignment is called “I’m ready for my close up“. This assignment was about taking a close up of a person or an actor and replacing the background with something completely irrelevant. I decided for mine I’d want to make it into the first draft of a movie poster of some sorts and decided to take a photo of Roger Moore as James bond and mash it in with a photo of my favourite dog, the Samoyed.

1020873.jpgThe mashup was first made by taking the background and importing it into Adobe Photoshop. As I’ve already said the background in my case would be this photo of a few Samoyed’s. This image completely contrasts and is different from the close-up photo of James Bond, in fact, it literally has nothing to do with Roger Moore.

pierce-brosnan-bond.jpgThe closeup was then cropped down to size so it could be used with the background image. James Bond is a British classic for me and growing up it has continued to be a favourite series of films. The photo of Roger Moore was edited further by using the quick select tool to remove the grey background making the overall design look more realistic.


Finally, an image of burnt paper found online and layered in-between the background and the foreground. The paper layer was then made slightly transparent which gives the image below the effect that it’s on the paper and just gives the image a little more.

I feel as if in this assignment  I’ve used skills that I’ve already expressed in blog posts such as Travel, Photography, and Design! where I designed a postcard using the same photo manipulation program.


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