Dystopian future in a GIF?

This assignment is part of an animated GIF unit and is called “Splain that Dystopia in Six Slides“. The assignment is to simply create a GIF in a slide style to explain how a Dystopian future came to be. A Dystopian future is basically a place regarded as an unpleasant place to live. Storys like George Orwell’s 1984 after using the government or corruption to set a scene where the regular people have no power and are prayed on by the governments. My story reflects on the wComp 1orld’s resources running out and governments collapsing, as a result, companies take over and own land and people as serfdom returns causing the overall quality of life to fall for everybody.

I also decided to change my design from the original task. I decided to in fact make the story literally unfold as more text appears rather than do six individual cards, there are instead six individual paragraphs that tell the story.

The GIf was made using Adobe After Effects to creascreenshot_8.pngte the animation and render it out as a GIF. Firstly all of the text was inputted into the composition as then they can be animated easier. Afterwards, the text was then positioned and animated so as to appear when the next was needed. This is done simply by extending or removing the source on the sequence.


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