Friday 13th April – Dogs Of Leicester

Yesterday was the shoot at Leicester Animal Aid and so today those images needed to be processed. I used Lightroom to easily cut down 400 images to the best 147. 147 then becomes a lot more of a manageable amount of photos for anybody wanting to use them. The next thing to think about is the look of the photographs. I wanted to add an original style over all of the images, this makes them all look the same no matter the lighting conditions but it also allows people to associate that style of the image with our own branding.

Lens correction was added to the photos followed by adding “Auto tone control” to all the images ensuring no image was too under exposed or over exposed. The clarity of the image was also adjusted before the tone curve was raised slightly to give all the image a slight cinematic and vintage look. This look is very popular at the moment meaning the images may spread further online. Below are a selection of before and after images showing the difference of the processing. (RAW left – Processed Right)


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