Thursday 12th April – Dogs Of Leicester Elog Book

Today we drove to Leicester Animal Aid after receiving a reply. As previously mentioned I was assigned the role of resident photographer. As a result, on the day, I had my Canon 750D and a 50mm f1.8 lens. As soon as we stepped foot into the centre and confirmed with our guide Izzy that I could take photos and instantly got to work. Whilst the other 3 members of the group focused on getting information about each dog I focused on getting images of the dogs, their enviroments, their facilities and photos of our group with the dogs. I decided to focus solely on the photos whilst at the visit to ensure we had plenty of photos to use. At the end of the day, the information being told could be acquired at a later date by emailing our guide, however, original photos would require a revisit to the centre taking up a lot more time. Below is a selection of RAW, unprocessed images from the day at Leicester Animal Aid. Overall on the day 400 images were taken and needed to process at a later date for use on out Instagram, Twitter and Leicester Animal Aid’s Blog.






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