Tuesday 17th April – Dogs of Leicester Elog Book

In order to make our presentation more visually appealing the images taken at Leicester Animal Aid were going to be used. However if simply used as a background, any text on the slide became very unreadable. One way to solve this issue is by blurring the image. However manually blurring 147 images is very time consuming, as a result, I came up with the idea of using a photoshop action and letting the computer automatically blur the images. Firstly I opened an image and told the program to record each stage of editing. Then I simply blurred the image and stopped recording. Using the image processor I then selected the folder with all the images and told the program to process all 147 images with the recorded action. 5 minutes later we now had 147 blurred images that could be used as background images effetivly. The reason I did this is to save a huge amount of time for the group and at the same time make our presentation look a lot more professional.


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